ACO of East Hawaii

Formed in 2016, the ACO of East Hawaii is a clinically integrated organization formed to better health, better health care, and lower costs for the communities that we serve is the State of Hawaii. The ACO of Hawaii is focused on delivering a better patient care experience, while focusing on higher quality and better clinical outcomes—through various programs, including coordinating the transitions patients make from provider to provider. While the organization itself is new, the participants in this Accountable Care Organization (ACO) have been long pillars of the community—community physicians.

ACO Name and Location:
ACO of East Hawaii, LLC
ACO Primary Contact:
Michael Chang, Administrator, ( Contact Number ), You may also call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) with any questions you might have about ACOs like the ACO of East Hawaii or your Medicare benefits.

Organizational Information:

ACO Participants:

Aaron Kaichi, MD
Albert Leung, MD
Aloha Medical Group
Boyuan Cao, MD
Brent Uyeno, MD
Claudine Kimura, MD
Daven Chun, MD
Dennis H. Wachi, MD
Dennis Murakami, MD
Edward Lam, MD
Edwin Yee, MD
Emily Diep, MD
Erlaine Bello, MD
Gloria M Madamba, MD
Guy Yatsushiro, MD
Izumi Kobashigawa, MD
James Lumeng, MD
Jason Lam, MD
Joseph Ryan Madamba, MD
Kazue Tsukikawa, MD
Keith Woo, MD
Laverne Kia, MD
Mankwan Wong, MD
Mark Kuge, MD
Mina Ganapathy, MD
Monsicha Dinh, MD
Owen K Nishikawa, MD
Roger Kimura, MD
Ron Teramoto, MD
Ronald Perry, MD
Roy Ebisu, MD
Shozo Ogawa, MD
Steven Berman, MD
Steven W Dang, MD
Sylvia Wang, MD
Tamar Hoffmann, MD
Youngkyo Kim, MD
Choon Kia Yeo, MD
Medical Clinic
Byron G. Young, MD
Michael J Dimitrion, MD
Kenneth M Sunamoto, MD
Jinichi Tokeshi, MD
Howman Lam, MD
H.H. Chun, MD
Eugene G C Wong MD
Marina A. Badua, MD
Peter J Dee, MD
Lloyd T Kobayashi, MD
Stephen K. Miyasato, MD
Luis J. Ragunton, MD
Cyril K Goshima, MD
Eddie A. Lim MD
Leland H. Dao, DO
Irene S. Kawakami Yamamoto, MD
Richard Ky Lau Jr, MD
Eugene M.C. Lee, MD
Anne A. Tanabe, MD
Wahiawa Family Practice Clinic


Joint Venture Arrangements: No

Reporting Waiver Use: No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.

ACO Governing Body:


Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership:

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership:

Physician Quality Improvement Committee

Beneficiary Engagement Committee

Types of ACO Participants, or Combinations of Participants, that Formed the ACO: