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Downloadable Neighborhood Resources Sheet

Posted On February 28, 2019
Posted By Jeong Ku Hwang

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Download the Neighborhood Resource Sheet of all the programs and services listed below:

  • PMAG Integrated Health Hawaii (Adults and Pediatrics)
  • Kapili Kokua Care Coordination Program for Pediatrics (HMSA patients with special needs – Pediatrics)
  • Start SMART Blood Pressure Control Program (ALL Patients – Adults)
  • Complex Care Management Program (HMSA Patients – Adults)
  • Condition Care Program (HMSA Patients –Adults and Pediatrics)
  • Kokua Mau’s Advance Health Care Directive Form (All Patients – Adults and Pediatrics)
  • Aloha Kidney 6 Sessions Kidney Education (Adults and anyone who is interested in learning about their kidney)
  • inControl Hawaii Diabetes Learning & Resource Center (ALL Patients – Adults and Pediatrics)
  • HMSA’s Authorized Representative Form
  • Million Hearts: Reducing one million heart attacks by improving cardiac health
  • Kulana Hawaii Weight Management Program (All Patients – Adults and Pediatrics)