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Partners for Quality Health

Pacific Medical Administrative Group (PMAG) works with Partners for Quality Health (PQH), a Management Services Organization, to provide resources to its member physicians to prepare for upcoming health care reform.

PQH Services

Practice Development

Staff Professional Development

Physician Development

Team Development

Business Development

PQH Resources

Patient Services (Care Coordination, patient education)

Practice Services (IT, P4Q)

Neighborhood Connections

Our Philosophy

Patient Centered
Win Win Win
Joy of Life
Sustainability and Permanent Change

Supporting local Physicians, Serve the Local Community

Our Mission is to empower our customer physicians in delivering high quality care to their patients through effective, efficient, and sustainable health care.

Our Vision is to optimize the health of Hawaii through continuous quality improvement, efficient care delivery and joy of life.

About Partners for Quality Health

In 1999, Partners for Quality Health (PQH) was created to serve its customer physicians and improve the quality and efficiency of care delivered to the people of Hawaii.  PQH offers a variety of services that empower physicians and providers to focus on what matters most: improving the health and well-being of the community.


PQH Hours

Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm

Closed on Most Major Holidays

P: 808-942-1852

F: 808-943-8732
(Accessible 24 Hours)

PQH Staff

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